Payment methods

By cash

You can pay by cash both after the delivery and customer pick up from any Chateau de Vaisselle salon.

Bank card on delivery or online.

If you decide to pay by bank card on delivery, please inform the manager about it. So the couriers will have a payment terminal which you can use for payment.

If you decide to pay on-line, you should choose one of the following method of payment whilst making an order: "Pay online by bank card". The services and security of the translation are guaranteed by the use of a special payment system provided by Russian bank Sberbank.

You can also pay by Visa or MasterCard when pick up from Chateau de Vaisselle salons.

Pay by Gift Certificate

If you have a Gift Certificate, then it can only be redeemed instore, for payment in any Chateau de Vaisselle salons. If the cost of the selected product is more than the nominal value of the certificate, you will need to pay the difference. Please note that Gift Certificate can only be used once in a singular payment. If the total order is greater than the balance available on the gift card and you are not planning to buy extra products, then the balance on the certificate will be lost!

Pay by cashless transfer

The bill is valid for three banking days. After money receiving, the goods will be shipped within 2 days. When paying from as a legal entity, the authorized person must have a Power of attorney to be able to receive the goods.

Наши реквизиты:

Full company`s name

Limited Liability Company "Egida"

Abbreviated name

LLC "Egida"

Position name

General Director

Last, first and middle names

Deputatova Ekaterina Borisovna, acting on the basis of the Charter

Last, first and middle names of Chief Accountant

Deputatova Ekaterina Borisovna

Actual / legal address

129343, Moscow, Urghumskaya str. 7, room number 30, office 01

Postal address

129343, Moscow, Urghumskaya str. 7, room number 30, office 01


Phone number

+7 (985) 911-45-76


118774746124213 from 06.02.2018

TIN (Tax reference number)


KPP (Tax Registration Reason Code)


OKPO (All-Russian Classifier of Businesses and Organisations)


ОКVED (All-Russian Classifier of Economic Activities)


Bank details

Settlement account



Sberbank of Russia

Correspondent account