NEFF Company History

For about 130 years now, the brand Neff has continued to enjoy popularity throughout the world. First of all Neff is the design and atmosphere of the whole kitchen. Thats why all the built-in Neff products go together, turning the normal working space of the kitchen into a perfect place for cooking and creation.

In the past, the language of the form was restricted in most cases to vertical and horizontal lines, but Neff has challanged these stereotypes. The new design gives the technical side of the products emotion: the shapes of devices and control panels are based on the elements of the stretched ellipse that blend with the elegant rectangle and this combination becomes an elegant plane.

All Neff products are equipped with the most modern functions. Hobs and ovens can easily cook any dish thanks to various types of heating. The unique technical characteristics and ergonomic design of refrigerators make it possible to keep a large quantity of products fresh for a long period. The ideal washing result of dishwashers is guaranteed for both: the thin crystal glass and the heavily dirty frying pan. Now you don`t need to worry about the hand launder of your favorite wool sweater because Neff washing machines will take care of it, using appropriate mode.

For many years the most famous designers were working on devices images which would be typical for Neff. As a result all built-in Neff products perfectly go with each other, creating a special atmosphere in every kitchen.

The company "Carl Neff Herd — und Ofenfabrik" was founded in 1877 by Carl Andreas Neff, German master locksmith. The factory was originally specialized in the production of coal burning stoves and laundry boiling stoves, and then, in 1885, went to the production of the confectionery stoves that worked on coal.

In 1919, Neff created a unique gas-fired oven for the confectionery stoves, and soon started the production of electric models. In 1957, the company presented to consumers the first in Europe microwave oven called "electronic stove". Kept on going after that achievement, Neff company, literally a year later, invented "cook on a cold surface", or, in other words "the induction hob". That`s how the new era of induction heating was discovered in Europe. The induction hobs could recognize the presence and size of the pans, which increased safety level when working with appliances.

В 1961 г. In 1961, the leader of the market Neff launched the very first built-in oven to save space. As a result of this invention, the company began to specialize in the production of built-in household appliances. The following decades, Neff specialists were improving their technology, turning it into a model for the whole European market. In 1982, TM Neff joined BSH concern. Since that time, the company has started to produce a wide range of built-in appliances under the brand of Neff, which has become widely known throughout Europe.