Delivery and Customer pick up


Delivery service works without weekends and holidays.

There are two delivery intervals:

  • during the day time: from 10am till 6pm (Moscow and Moscow region),
  • during the evening hours: from 4pm till 12pm (only Moscow within MKAD).

Delivery charges:

  • Delivery in Moscow – 350 rub.
  • Delivery in Moscow Region – less than 5 kilometers from MKAD 350 rub, further 20 rub per kilometer.

If the delivery distance to the address is more than 50 km from MKAD, the cost of a distance in kilometers is calculated on the following tariff – 30 rubles per each subsequent kilometer that follows after the 5th km from MKAD.

Lift to your floor (if the products dont enter the elevator on dimensions, or no elevator) is calculated on the following:

  • Refrigerators – from 100 rub per floor (including the first floor)
  • Washing machines, dishwashers, ovens, extracts more than 60 cm wide - 50 rub per floor (including the first floor)
  • Small appliances and ware – free of charge.

Delivery to different regions of Russia.

Delivery to the terminal of transport company is carried out on a tariff 300 rub.

The cost of freight transportation to the city of destination is carried out on tariffs of transport companies.

We cooperate with the following transport companies: PEC, Autotrading, Delovie Linii

Customer pick up.

You can also pick up the chosen goods in oursalons

You need to:

  • place an order on our website, or by phone 8(499)653-71-71
  • to come to the chosen salon and pay for your product (if you didn`t pay for it in advance by non-cash payment)

The presence of the chosen goods in salons can be specified with our manager.

The manager places an order and reserves goods for you in the selected salon.

You can pay for your purchase directly in the salon or in advance on non-cash system of payment.

Addresses of stores