Loyalty cards

Welcome to Chateau de Vaisselle Privilege Club

Chateau de Vaisselle elite kitchenware and household appliances Privilege Club!

Privilege Club gives its members special conditions, including:

  • Priority information about the company news, special promotions!You will always be the first to find out about the most profitable offers!
  • Participation in the company`s Pre-Sale! Only for Club members.
  • Fixed 5% discount on all categories of home appliances
  • Birthday gifts and surprises!
  • Additional 5% discount on culinary master classes in Chateau de Vaisselle childrens culinary school in Central Childrens Store on Lubyanka.

Becoming a member of the Club will bring you the following benefits: priority in placing an order, track the order status, view the history of purchases, create your own collection of favorite products and participate in private Chateau de Vaisselle events. In addition, after the registration and the first purchase, you receive a Club card that will accumulate your points when you buy goods.

The size of the discount on kitchenware and kitchen appliances of the Club card is determined by the accumulated amount:

The amount of the savingsDiscount
If your accumulative purchase is over 15 000 but less than 200 000 rubles5%
If your accumulative purchase is over 200 001 rubles but less than 500 000 rubles10%
If your accumulative purchase is over 500 001 rubles15%

Club card discounts do not include the goods participating in promos, but the purchase amount will still be added into the accumulative part of the card.

Enjoy your shopping with us!