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It`s not a secret that France is known to be a ancestor not only of high cuisine, but also solemn table setting. The most real legends are told about the splendor and luxury of the feasts of French noblemen. So, for example, Louis XIV tried to make each of his future receptions more luxurious than the previous one. Of course, everything at the court of the Sun King was supposed to shine - from the decorations of the courtiers and ending with the culinary delights that guests were treated to. Despite all these known facts, only a few know that the approach of the French to food, as to high art, originated much earlier in the times of the Gauls and the knightly Middle Ages. It was then that the first chefs became world famous, and the skill of French feast preparing began to be elevated to the rank of real art.

Chateau de Vaisselle salons of elite kitchenware and home appliances represent reverence and respect to the very origins of the concept of art of living, which in the culture of France is inextricably linked with the refined approach to the meal preparation.

In our salons, the guests go into the atmosphere of exquisite splendor, truly worthy of the French kings. We are the ones who have collections of the most prestigious European brands, most of them are exclusive within Russian Federation territory. The interiors of all our salons are designed in the style of a classic castle from the Middle Ages: medieval suit of armour, antique kitchen furniture, and elite cutlery create a completely unusual atmosphere. Once inside, you will feel like making a journey in a time machine. Even guests with the most exacting taste pay attention to a carefully selected assortment of kitchenware, kitchen appliances, home appliances and useful home accessories of such brands as Wedgwood, Gien, Cristel, Waterford, Royal Albert, Fhiaba, Nolte, De Buyer, Gaggenau and many others.

Chateau de Vaisselle created an online store and a Privilege Club to make your shopping more comfortable. The Privilege Club membership gives the right to get an additional discount * to the already existing one, and a lot of other pleasant benefits.

In addition, childrens culinary school works daily in our salon in Central Childrens Store on Lubyanka, which is the only one of its kind on the Russian territory. This culinary school is truly unique as despite the playful form of cooking, the leaders of the cooking process are famous Russian chefs. All of them are able to work very well with children, imperceptibly drawing them into the world of high cuisine. Classes are held in the format of cheerful master classes. The majority of students of the school buy multi visit passes for visiting the master classes on a regular basis, because of very multifarious and rich programs.

At the moment, there are already 5 Chateau de Vaisselle salons in Russia: 4 of them are in Moscow, and one in St. Petersburg. Here you can find the addresses of the salons.

Salons in Moscow

Chateau de Vaisselle in Vegas Crocus City

66th km of MKAD, "Vegas Crocus City" shopping center, 4th Floor Telephone: +7 (499) 653-51-51

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Chateau de Vaisselle in Crocus City Mall

66th km of MKAD, Crocus City Mall, 2nd floor Telephone: +7 (499) 653-81-11

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Chateau de Vaisselle in EuroPark shopping center on Rublevskoe shosse

Rublevskoe shosse, 62 EuroPark shopping center, 2nd floor Telephone: +7 (499) 346-72-03

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Chateau de Vaisselle - Central Childrens Store on Lubyanka - 4th floor

Address: Moscow Theatralnyy proezd, 5/1, Central Childrens Store on Lubyanka - 4th floor Phone: +7 (499) 653-81-81

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Chateau de Vaisselle in Saint Petersburg

Шато де Вэссель

Address: Saint Petersburg Bolshaya Pushkarskaya street house 1/8. Phone: +7 (812) 429-71-49

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