ASKO Company History

The production of Asko has its own rich history and traditions. In 1950, in the provincial Swedish town, a young inventor, Karl-Erik Andersson, created a unique washing machine for his mother, which was washing off the dirt, had good spin performance and saved electricity and water. The new washing machine had a drum made of stainless steel, there were excellent technical characteristics. It also was endurable and had efficient performance.

The washing machine lived up to expectations and showed impressive results. The young inventor decided to build a home appliance plant in the territory of his own farm. The first Asko factory is still in Vara.

The range of products produced in 1952 has been increased by the production of refrigerators. Specifically for this purpose, a second production was launched in the Finnish town Lahti, where the production of washing machines started one year after. First cooker was produced in 1972.

The factory in Vara also started the manufacture of dishwashers and tumble dryers. By the early 1970s, the company had started to supply products for export and had completely switched to the production of automatic washing machines.

Today, Asko is in the process of designing and manufacturing of professional equipment and household appliances for the laundry and kitchen. Products meet high standards of reliability, durability, design, functionality, and environmental safety. All household appliances from Asko have been long tested for high quality, which ensures reliable and safe operation for customers.