Architecture and Design

Chateau de Vaisselle salons are collections of the most prestigious and premium class brands, luxury interior design items and exclusive solutions for home. If you are a designer or architect, you will find here the right expressions of your ideas that can satisfy the most demanding tastes of your customers.
Whether the task is to create a unique image of a modern apartment, or if you only have to add the final touches to the interior of a fancy restaurant, you can find a lot of ideas by calling on our salons. Our experienced consultants are always ready to help and provide the very last and the most detailed information about any item in our collection.
In addition, for design and architecture professionals, we have prepared a special cooperation programme that includes special purchase terms and many other benefits. If you want to learn more about the terms and conditions of the programme for architects and designers you can contact us by or call us: + 7 (499) 653-51-51; + 7 (499) 653-61-61
We are always happy to assist and cooperate with you!