Le Creuset introduces a new collection!

Posted by John 20/04/2016 0 Comment(s)

On July 13, 2016, the premium French brand of kitchenware Le Creuset presented the new Chiffon Pink collection in Chateau de Vaisselle Vegas Crocus City as a part of the French days in Moscow.

An important guest of the evening was the wife of the French Ambassador to the Russian Federation Jean-Maurice Ripert - Mrs. Yael Blic Ripert.

When creating this colour, Le Creuset team was inspired by the dreams of a delicate taste of ice-cream melting in the mouth, a romantic walk along the seashore and sparkling wine and fruits from your favorite cafe…

The new Chiffon Pink collection can be perfectly combined with different styles. Whether it is modern negligence with cold, contrasting colors or a gentle romantic pastel style.

During the master class, Le Creuset chef showed the guests of the evening why the cookware of the brand is valued not only by culinary lovers, but also by professional chefs all over the world. And the Lacanse stove has become an exquisite highlight of a gastronomic evening, because it was on it that culinary masterpieces were created.

The wonderful guides in the motley world of swing masterpieces on this July evening were the young and creative musicians of the Full Moon Jazz Band. Musicians presented always young and timeless melodies of the swing era of the 30s with full observance of the accuracy of style, and the preservation of the special flavor of those days.